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Best Buy in Pueblo opens at ten so we’re sitting I the parking lot looking at Pikes Peak in the distance…..



It was mid-November 2007, and I was sitting at my desk checking out my new camcorder and watching the deer eat the corn I had thrown out earlier that morning.  As usual, the does and yearlings started in on the corn, followed by a small eight point. After about 15 minutes, this old nine-point came strolling up like he owned the joint–pushing the yearlings further away from the food.  He was a nice Hill Country deer (probably 5 ½ years old) with nice heavy chocolate antlers.

I watched the “nine” checking to see if any of the does were coming into heat for twenty minutes or so. Just as I started to go back to what I was working on, I noticed this big 3 ½-to-4 ½ year old eight-point come busting in.  I figured something was about to go down, so I immediately turned on the camera… I just didn’t expect a full fledged brawl.

Sorry about the shaky video.  Buck-fever quickly set in and, unfortunately, I didn’t have a tripod.

What you can’t see in the video is that the “nine” was slammed into our metal wellhouse by the “eight” and, after that, old nine point high-tailed it out of there.  Funny thing was that the young eight was never seen again (…I guess the neighbor got him), and that old nine hung around for at least two more years before disappearing.