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The hunting has been slooooow, the guide is the only one who has seen a shooter, but the buck was not close enough to put a stalk on. Plus Flores and I could never find him in our binoculars. We have had some success with the camera though. On day one we filmed two young bucks sparing and later that night a coyote almost sat in our laps (video to come).

There’s snow foretasted for tomorrow night so hopefully the big bucks will get up and feed before the temp drops.

I have to say our guide seems to be able to spot deer us first timers would ever find out here, I’m glad I went with a outfitter!


Best Buy in Pueblo opens at ten so we’re sitting I the parking lot looking at Pikes Peak in the distance…..


We made it here before the guide. This is really pretty country.






Well we made it by lunch time to Amarillo. The “Big Texan is exactly that BIG! I don’t believe we’ll witness anyone attempting to knock off the old 72 but thus place is well worth the stop. Plus this is the biggest damn chicken fried chicken I’ve ever seen!









I put in for a Colorado Eastern Plains deer tag this year, with zero expectations other than getting back a preference point. So, imagine my amazement when a tag came in the mail instead of a refund check. I had to hold the piece of blue laminated paper in my hand staring at it for a second expecting that I would find in small print that it was my imagination and not actually a tag. After reassuring myself that in fact it was real the next emotion was how I’m I going to swing this. I thought this might be my only opportunity to hunt big Colorado Mule Deer so I was going to take ever opportunity to make it a reality.

I’m currently looking at Outfitters to outfit this trip, as there is no public lands to speak of in the GMU I drew a tag in. Stay tuned for more developments on this story…. I would appreciate and pointers or feed back you guys may have! hunt date 10/22/2011

During this Spring Turkey season, we experienced several ups and downs, some in our control and some not. The biggest problem this season was out of everyone’s control.  The wildfires to the south and west of our location proved to be the biggest problem and challenge.  The Oasis fire (Kimble County) was the closest to us and as of two weeks ago it had grown to 6,800 acres and was only 10% contained. When my son and I pulled into Junction at the middle of April there was so much smoke that you could barely make out cars on the other side of the parking lot. Two weeks after that I returned to the lease to find that the smoke was worse than  before.  Every time we stepped out it smelled like the fires were getting closer and on Friday April 29th the smoke in the main road was beginning to make me think I was going to be making an emergency evacuation of all of our gear.

Thankfully the wind changed direction that afternoon and blew the smoke out of our area and the reports from the forest service said the fires were still a way off and not really a threat at the moment.  Today the Oasis fire, while growing to almost 10,000 acres, is now 100% contained and rain is forecasted for that area in the next couple of days. Hopefully the fire danger is becoming less of a threat, fingers crossed!!!!

Although the last trip out wasn’t the most successful, our trail cam was still going strong. Here’s a few of the highlights, hope you enjoy!

Decent looking Tom

Where are all the birds?

Still no birds.........

Hey baby.......

Heading back this weekend (last weekend of the season) hopefully with better results. Review on the HS Strut calls coming next week. I wanted to bring a bird in with one of the calls before I started, so far no luck.