Sig 556 meets Tannerite

Posted: June 28, 2011 in CenTexHunter
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With not much going  on in terms of hunting I give you tannerite exploding targets. These are half pound containers that only explode when impacted with a high velocity round. Note: these are not incendiary and are 100% stable and legal.

After we tried it at 100yrds we moved in 25 yrds for better accuracy

The watermelon was supposed to be the grand finale; but it didn’t survive the first round that missed the charge inside

Film Staring

Sig Sauer 556 sporting an Eo Tech 522

and half lbs. Tannerite containers

  1. leslie says:

    awesome post. 1 word WOW

  2. […] Sig 556 Meets Tannerite ~ Reader Note: This guy just has an awesome website, totally different that anything else I read. […]

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