During this Spring Turkey season, we experienced several ups and downs, some in our control and some not. The biggest problem this season was out of everyone’s control.  The wildfires to the south and west of our location proved to be the biggest problem and challenge.  The Oasis fire (Kimble County) was the closest to us and as of two weeks ago it had grown to 6,800 acres and was only 10% contained. When my son and I pulled into Junction at the middle of April there was so much smoke that you could barely make out cars on the other side of the parking lot. Two weeks after that I returned to the lease to find that the smoke was worse than  before.  Every time we stepped out it smelled like the fires were getting closer and on Friday April 29th the smoke in the main road was beginning to make me think I was going to be making an emergency evacuation of all of our gear.

Thankfully the wind changed direction that afternoon and blew the smoke out of our area and the reports from the forest service said the fires were still a way off and not really a threat at the moment.  Today the Oasis fire, while growing to almost 10,000 acres, is now 100% contained and rain is forecasted for that area in the next couple of days. Hopefully the fire danger is becoming less of a threat, fingers crossed!!!!

  1. leslie says:

    dangerous !!!!!!!!!!keep us post it :/

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