Turkey Triumph

Posted: April 6, 2011 in CenTexHunter, Deerfeeder, Texas Hunting, Turkey
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This past weekend seemed like it would never get off the ground because last Wednesday my father was hospitalized. They kept him for a couple of days to make sure he was ok,  but the doctor released him in the nic of time for my buddy Mark and I to hit the road Friday afternoon. I was a little apprehensive on how the hunting was going to be due to the fact the high temps were going to be in the upper nineties, never the less we suited up and headed out.

As usual, the next morning Mark and I woke up late; I rushed to throw on my camo.  As we stepped out of the trailer there was a noticeable temperature drop, thankfully I brought a sweatshirt with me. We arrived about 25 minutes before sunrise. Immediately I noticed  that I forgot my leafy top, the hoodie was staying in the truck. “Great, I’m going to freeze my ass off” I thought to myself. Mark on the other hand, was prepared and much warmer.

We pushed ourselves up against a big cedar bush about 25 yards from the feeder. As the sun peeked over the horizon we started to hear faint gobbles in the distance.  About 30 minutes later my back was telling me to shift my position, as I started to move I heard a chirp 10 feet behind us. Suddenly, I froze, and looking from the corner of my eye I managed to catch a glimpse of a jake standing five feet to Mark’s right.  After the first bird, a second jake came into view, this one passing even closer to us. Both jakes circled my pin as if they were trying to find a way to get in without having to fly over, but eventually with one flap of their wings into the pin they went.

We watched for a bit, before several hens and a couple of jakes came sprinting to the feeder. They were running so fast we could have been in blaze orange and they wouldn’t have noticed us.  More time passed watching the turkeys eat, it seemed like a tom wasn’t coming, I quietly asked Mark “hey, you want to drop of the two jakes so at least we have some meat”? He nodded a yes, but suddenly we heard a gobble no more than 100 yards from us behind in a cedar thicket. Instantly, Mark gave a couple of hen calls to see if the gobbler would close the distance. We gave him another hour, but with so many hens in the area we guessed they went to him, so he wasn’t coming to us.

After I woke from a much-needed nap I noticed from the D-65’s photos, two young toms that seemed to frequent my feeder every day about 5:00 pm;  two hours before the timer was set to throw, so we headed back around four O’clock. We found a better location to set up; that wouldn’t silhouette us in the afternoon sun, and most importantly it was shaded. Temperatures topped out at 98 degrees that afternoon, and once again my back started screaming at me.  Suddenly we heard a chirp,  it was a tom, and he was coming right at us. As he  came into view he became nervous, quickly he turned around and ran into the brush. No more than 10 min later a group of hens came down the same game trail that the tom materialized from earlier, and at the same exact spot that the tom had second thoughts so did the hen, they spun around and took off. I started to look around to figure out what was spooking them. Best I could tell, the chairs we brought in an attempt to be more comfortable while camouflage the legs were probably giving off a glint of sun light that they could see at that spot in the trail. I broke off a tree branch trying to cover any reflection.  After I got myself situated and my chair legs covered, a group of four jakes appeared in the same spot as the turkeys before. Not wanting to miss another opportunity at some meat we raised our guns and  Mark said “GO”! In a cloud of dust and feathers I saw two jakes flopping on the ground, but I didn’t hear Mark shoot.  Thinking I just shot a double I looked at him and asked “ did you shoot”? “The one on the left is mine” he said. It turned out that we squeezed the trigger at the same time and I couldn’t hear his shot.

Sunday morning was going to be our last hunt, it was a bit windy, but not as cold as it was Saturday morning. We spent the night before cutting branches and stacking them up for better concealment. We nestled into our new blind,as the sun came up, but this time there wasn’t any gobbling. At 7:15 am my feeder went off. A moment later a hen ran up the pin; about the same distance as the other turkeys spooked from the afternoon before, and just like they did she quickly headed out of there. Then,  Mark took out his slate call and struck it a few times,  a strong gobble came in reply. I glanced over my left shoulder and I could see in full strut a bright blue head coming our way. Mark gave one more call off the slate and then got his gun ready, another chirp and purr, and Mark stuck that double barrel 16 gauge  through the cedar bush and let one round rip. Gladly we stood up out of our chairs for a quick stretch before having a look at Marks bird. It was a respectable Gobbler, about a seven-inch beard and one inch spurs, not a wall hanger but better than the two jakes from the night before.

I was glad to get Mark on the birds this weekend, it was about him having success more than anything. I have a weekend off from assistant coaching my son’s baseball team in two weeks, and I can’t wait to film Michael shooting his first turkey. Also, I am reviewing some Hunter Specialties turkey calls for Outdoor Blogger Network.  Maybe my next entry will be about Mike’s first turkey I called in.

Stay tune and join our subscribers list…..

PS:  Happy to report Dad is doing well!

5pm toms

Mark's Tom 4/3/11

Mark Baker 4/3/11


The game cam caught us in the background that first morning.

  1. Nice Feeders! It looks like they are seeing quite a bit of traffic.

  2. jenny9876 says:

    Wow, congrats to u and Mark…glad you are going back in 2 weeks, your blog gets better and better.
    Honestly, we are happy to be readers of this amazing blog

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