Ozona “To Do List”

Posted: March 14, 2011 in CenTexHunter, Deerblind, Deerfeeder, Texas Hunting
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This weekend I’m taking my son out for his first look at our new deer lease. If you’ve read my earlier posts you know that this is a long time coming, and a huge deal for me. My son Michael has been on paid day hunts, or on an afternoon invitation to friends places close to town, but the opportunity to really sit and hunt hasn’t presented itself. He needs to learn what hunting is all about, not just “you sit, you wait, and you shoot”. Which last year was pretty much the case due to we were hunting on other folk’s schedules. We had no success getting him a deer last season, go figure! Now that I’ve signed on this lease out by Ozona Tx Michael can get an opportunity to sit watch and selectively harvest the right deer.

This week Michael is on Spring Break so we’re heading out this weekend to do a little work at the lease. The plan is to clean the trailer, set up my feeder (600# Big Horn) and a feeder pin consisting of roughly 10 16×5 bull panels to keep the ranchers goats out. A tower blind was left at the spot I’m hunting, and the only real repair it needs is to hang the door back on before the wet weather gets here. While I’m at it I’ll slap a new coat of paint on it as well. After the blind and feeder are taken care of I’m planning on hanging a trail cam (Moultrie D-65 IR) inside the feeder pin to look at the age of the deer in my area.

The “to do list” should take a day to complete. The biggest thing will be the fence posts for the feeder pin. The ground is made up of calich rock; so the posts may take some time to get in place. If I get it all done then that will leave a day to hang out and B.S. maybe head into Ozona for a bite to eat, and take a picture on the Davie Crockett statue. Also we hope to predator hunt at least one night. The head of our group (also named Michael) told me eleven bobcats were taken a few seasons ago. Can’t wait to get out there and call up some cats!

It’s going to be great getting out to Ozona, any opportunity a father and son can spend time with one another in the outdoors is time well spent in my book. Even better if it becomes a tradition.

Keep up with the weekends events through this site and twitter……………..

  1. jenny9876 says:

    good luck, my husband and I will be waiting for your videos and posts to come 🙂

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