The Genesis of CenTexHunter

Posted: January 19, 2011 in CenTexHunter, Texas Hunting
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Growing up I had opportunities to get into just about any hobby or sport. Like many children, I participated in soccer at a very young age and then naturally made the move to baseball where I found some success. At twelve, the thought of another kid throwing a baseball at me didn’t sound like much fun–not to mention my body was starting to look more like a lineman instead of a short stop. So I made the move to football and really experienced success playing for a local powerhouse. Even with that, nothing compares to the thrill and satisfaction I found in hunting and just being outdoors in general.

I remember eating dinner at my friend O.E. “Bubba” Downing’s one night as a youngster and hearing the tale of his first buck, a nice ten point Hill Country whitetail. After that night all I ever really wanted to do was spend my free time outdoors challenging myself.

Before I became interested in hunting, my father was a casual hunter–usually only going when entertaining clients. He never really considered a deer lease until I started asking, so I spent a year pestering him. And, by the next season, we had a lease in South Texas (Freer) where our neighbors had been on for a decade.

We were on two other leases after that: one in Telegraph, TX (my favorite) and another in Uvalde, TX. The year after we signed on the Uvalde lease things started to go south at home and, by the following, year, my mother and father were divorced. Unfortunately one of the first things to go was the time and a place to hunt. I spent the next 15+ years watching opening day after opening day go by without me in the field doing what I wanted to do. Yeah, a few invitations would come here and there but nothing I could really count on. I spent those years telling myself I wouldn’t let my kids down if they wanted to enjoy this lifestyle. I would do anything I could to ensure that it happened.

Now it’s my turn. I’m 32 with three kids of my own. I don’t have the financial resources my father did, so the means might be different–but I won’t stop until my kids are given the opportunity to experience this wonderful and fulfilling past-time… and pick up where I left off.

  1. leslie says:

    love it.great story,hope u can make ur dreams come true.

  2. great story- I can’t wait to pass along the tradition to my daughter one day! Happy Hunting!

  3. leslie says:

    hunting is another way of bonding with our kids.enjoying the great outdoors as a family keep us close to each other

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